Sparkie Lands War

1. Declare War

To declare war against your enemy, simply execute /Wars declare <land>.
Now a menu will open which asks you about setting a tribute. This tribute will be paid by the enemy (defender) in case they surrender later.
After you click on the send button, the enemy will receive your war declaration with information, like when the war starts and which tribute you set in case they want to surrender.

2. War Preparation Time

After the declaration is sent, the war preparation time starts. During this time, the defender has time to prepare against for the upcoming fight. All players of both lands will get a notification periodically. By executing /Wars info or /Wars menu you can get information about the upcoming war.

3. The War Starts

When the war preparation time is over, all players of both lands are able to fight against their enemy. There may be certain options enabled on your server that prevent invading the enemies land, while their players are offline. By executing /Wars info or /Wars menu you can get information about the current war.

4. During the War

During wartime, you can enter the enemies land and break and place certain blocks such as ladders, vines and scaffolding to attack your enemy. A minimum amount of members of the enemy need to be online, before you can invade their land.

4.1 Capture Points

Capture points can be crafted or are given to you by the server. You can view the crafting recipe during the war in the /wars menu. You must place them at the edge of the enemies land (inside). After that, you must clear all enemy presence in this area and hold the capture point for a specific time. You'll be able to view a progress bar at the top of your screen. Be aware that the defenders get notified once you place a capture point! Captured land will then become unclaimed so be careful as your enemy can then claim this. 

5. The War is Over

The team with the most kills wins the war. The winner will be rewarded with a robbery money amount with is taken from the defender's balance. If both teams have the same amount of kills, the war will end in a draw and no team will be rewarded. On ending you will then receive a war shield acting as a war cooldown.