Sparkie Lands


Welcome to the Sparkie Lands page, here you will find all the necessary information on how to get started; protecting, creating, flagging, taxing and battling in you own custom land!

Please read all segments carefully and if you still require help then please contact one of our admin team on discord.

Getting Started:

1. To create a land stand inside your base location and type this command into chat:  /lands create (land name) all players start of with one free chunk.

2. Once created you should see a visual boarder of you claim and also the title of your new land appear on your screen.

3. To add to your 1 chunk land preform the (/map) or (/lands map) command and click on the available chunk around your base until you base is completely protected, this will cost (£500.00 per chunk)

4. To get an overview of how much land you have perform the (/lands view) command to see a barrier or if you have purchased the Sparkie Magic Map function from our store there will be a visual green square around your base/bases.

Trusting and Untrusting Players:

1. You can either perform the (/lands trust (playername) [area/land/nation] ) command or you can do it via the GUI by clicking on Players > Trust Player> type the players name into chat.

2. To Untrust a player it is exactly the same but instead its Untrust.

3. You will then be able to see all trusted players in the (/Lands) GUI.

Current Chunk Limits:

Newbie/Beginner: 20

Novice: 40

Member: 60

Advanced: 80

Veteran: 100

VIP: 120 (+ Ability to claim an additional land)

Hero: 140

Elite: 160

Ultra: 180

Infinity: 200

Lands Features:

1. Multiple Land Creations and Sparkie Lands GUI (Lands)



- Having multiple land creations enables you to create lands with names and structure but also allows you the create the in different locations and worlds

- All of your lands are configurable via a new clean GUI. Player taxes, land flags, roles and many more can be accessed and configured via this menu (/lands)

- You can trust and untrust players from this GUI menu

- Customizable land flags for your land/nation

- Level up system for you land/nation to show off your wealth

- Multiple land creations ( Donators will have access to more lands)

- Invite as many friends as you can to join you and your Empire!

2. Sub-Area Access


- You will now be able to segregate you land! This creates countless opportunities like PVP arenas or selling your land for other players to live in!

- Tax players for spending time or living in you land

- Dictate by giving your land/nation members roles and privileges

- Create sub areas simply using the selection tool and /lands selection assign <area>

- Customizable land flag for each and every area you create (more scope on this for donators)

3. Visuals, Leaderboards, Help and Claiming


- Visual boarders around your lands/nations

- Custom Text/holograms when leaving and entering you land/nation

- Custom Leaderboards to display you wealth on the server

- For donators or purchasers of the Sparkie Magic Map function, there are visual aids to allow you to see you lands/nations more clearly

- Custom Help list to try and guide you through the new change around

- Claiming via a map in chat or by using a golden hoe

4. Sparkie Lands Wars!

Full war information can be found here:


- Start wars with different lands/nations

- Raise the tribute if you are feel lucky or if you know you are going to win

-Custom war visual for when you are in battle

-Custom War GUI viewable when you have declared war via the (/war) command

Commands List:

Sparkie Lands

Lands are the main groups you can create in a team to protect your area. 

Lands will allow claiming of chunks in multiple areas that can all be controlled via a GUI.

A discord channel can be made for your land allowing you to talk to players in-game in your group just like the #minecraft-chat channel.

/Lands help [page]
Description: Display command usages of Lands

/Lands claim
Description: Claim chunks

/Lands claimlist
Description: View claims of your land

/Lands create
Description: Create a land

/Lands accept <land>
Description: Accept invites

/Lands chat [land] <message>
Description: Chat with land

/Lands delete
Description: Delete your land

/Lands deny
Description: Deny invite

/Lands deposit [land] <amount>
Description: Deposit money to land bank

/Lands edit <land>
Description: Enter edit mode for a land. Actions like /Lands claim will be executed for this land.

/Lands info [land]
Description: Show information about a land

/Lands invites
Description: Open received invites GUI

/Lands leave <Land>
Description: Leave a land

/Lands map
Description: Show lands map

/Lands menu
Description: Open Lands GUI.
Append "here" to the command to open the GUI
for the chunk you're standing in.

/Lands menu here
Description: Open Lands GUI for the chunk you're standing in.\

/Lands rename [land] <new name>
Description: Rename land

/Lands selection
Description: Select a region for actions like /Lands claim

/Lands setrole <player> <area,*> <role>
Description: Set a role of a player.
The area parameter defines a sub area of the land.

/Lands setspawn
Description: Set spawn for land

/Lands spawn [land]
Description: Teleport to land spawn

/Lands teleport <x> <z>
Description: Teleport to a claimed land chunk

/Lands top
Description: Show top ten lands

/Lands trust <player> [area,*]
Description: Trust a player.
Area parameter is optional.

/Lands unclaim
Description: Unclaim a chunk

/Lands untrust <player> [area,*]
Description: Untrust player.
Area parameter is optional.

/Lands view
Description: Visualise land borders

/Lands wild
Description: Teleport to random location.

/Lands withdraw [land] <amount>
Description: Withdraw money from land bank

/Lands taxes
Description: View upcoming tax payments.

/Lands rent
Description: Manage rentals.

/Lands rentlist
Description: View areas and lands that can be rented or bought.

Rent Sign Setup:

Rent sign setup

  • For this example:

    • Costs $200 each 5 days.
    • Can't be rented more than 50 days in total.
  • The sign accepts the following units: d = day(s) h = hour(s), m = minute(s)

    • If none is specified, it will use d.
  • You can only set sub areas for rent. The default area can only be set for sale (= selling the whole land; more information below)


Rent sign result

  • The rent sign is setup and players can now access it.

    • To rent this area, just click on the sign.
    • To add more time to your rental, just click again on the sign.
  • Cancel rental

    • Tenants can use /Lands rent cancel to cancel their rental while standing inside the area.
  • Remove the rental

    • As the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /Lands rent remove while standing inside the area.

Sell Sign Setup:

Sell signs can be placed in sub areas and in the default area (= selling the whole land)
Sell sign setup

  • For this example:
    • Costs $5000 in total
    • The player will be the owner of the area.


Sell sign result

  • The sell sign is setup and players can now access it.

    • To buy this area, just click on the sign.
  • Cancel ownership

    • Tenants can use /Lands rent cancel to cancel their ownership while standing inside the area.
  • Remove the sale

    • As the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /Lands rent remove while standing inside the area.


Create a nation and invite other lands to join you and create your very own community.

You can set taxes for your lands depending on their size as well as reward lands with additional claims depending on your nation level.

/Nations create
Description: Create a nation.

/Nations accept
Description: Accept invite.

/Nations delete
Description: Delete nation.

/Nations deny
Description: Deny invite.

/Nations leave
Description: Leave nation.

/Nations menu
Description: Open nation menu.

/Nations rename
Description: Rename nation.

/Nations menu
Description: Open nation menu.

/Nations setcapital
Description: Set capital of nation.

/Nations spawn
Description: Teleport to nation spawn.

/Nations trust
Description: Add land.

/Nations untrust
Description: Remove land.


Send a war declaration to an enemy land or nation with an optional tribute. Wars will last for 3 days.

When this time is over the team with the most kills will win receiving the tribute and £1,000 from the loser's land balance.

If both teams have the same amount of kills, it will end in a draw and no team will be rewarded.

Enemies won't be able to place/break claimed areas apart from ladders, vines and scaffolding. 

/Wars declare
Description: Declare war against a land or nation.

/Wars deny
Description: Deny mutual war declaration.

/Wars info
Description: Info about current war.

/Wars menu
Description: Open menu for current war.

Discord Features 

We have also some additional features that can be utilised right from within in our Discord with a full list of available commands below. Remember these are commands you run in discord chat channels and not in-game. This also requires you to link your Minecraft account to our Discord by following the steps in the #mc-linked-role channel.


/Channel Create <Your Lands Name> -  Create a private channel in our Discord for your lands members to directly talk and view updates in. This channel will even broadcasts messages privately to online players in your land on the server. Players on the server can reply back to you in the Discord channel by enabling lands chat in-game with the command "/Land Chat Toggle".

/Channel Delete - Delete your private channel if you wish to no longer utlise it. (Note in-active land community discord channels may be removed to make room for new ones).

/Inbox - Run this within your private land discord channel to view important inbox information on your land. 

/Top - Run this from any channel to view the current top lands with multiple filters.

Please allow a few minutes for certain changes to be synced in discord such as land names and members.

If you have any issues or further questions don't forget you can contact us through Discord from the #tickets channel!