Sparkie Enchantments

Sparkie Enchantments

Throughout the sparkie server you may come across our special, unique and custom enchantments. 

The commands that can be utilised during the usage of these enchantments are listed below:

/Enchanter -> open the enchanter menu, you can buy Custom Enchants here with XP as well as open the tinkerer and alchemist menu. There are 6 Custom enchant categories: Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary and Fabled. When hovering over the categories you can see the XP price it costs to buy a enchant of that category. Buy the enchant by left-clicking while hovering over the enchant.
 To see what enchants are in a certain category, right-click the category and read all the different types of enchants.

/Tinkerer -> scrap your unwanted books in exchange for mystery dust. By right-clicking mystery dust while holding it, you can get magic dust which, when applied to a enchant of the same category, will increase its likelihood in successfully being added to gear.

/Alchemist -> combine 2 Custom Enchants of the same category to create a higher-level book (for instance when combining 2 level 1 books, it will combine into 1 level 2 book).

Note: Custom Enchants can also be obtained by enchanting in an enchanting table.

The below enchantment list will provide knowledge and details on each custom enchantment.

There have been some new recent additions to our Sparkie Enchantments which can be found here!

For a more in-depth list with enchantments separated per item for the old enchantments click here!

EnchantmentDescriptionApplies toRarityMax Level
Weapons with this enchant become unbreakableWeaponsLegendary1
AegisChance to gain speed when taking fall damage.BootsUltimate3
AllureYour attack pulls mobs towards you.SwordsElite3
AmbitDamages mobs within a radius that increases with the level of enchant.Swords, AxesUltimate7
AngelicHeals health when damaged.ArmorUltimate5
AquaDeal double damage while in water.BootsLegendary4
AquaticBreathe underwater.HelmetsSimple1
ArcherIncreases damage dealt with bows.BowUltimate4
ArmoredDecreases damage from enemy swords by 2% per level.ArmorLegendary4
Arrow BreakChance for arrows to bounce off you while holding item with this enchant.AxeUltimate6
Arrow DeflectChance to prevent enemy arrow from dealing damage.ArmorUltimate4
Axe of SpiritsChance to get more souls from killing players.AxesFabled3
BaitChance to receive double fishing drops.Fishing RodLegendary3
BarbarianChance to inflicts more axe damage.AxesLegendary4
BeastslayerIncreases damage dealt to Hostile Mobs.Swords, AxesLegendary4
BerserkChance of strength and mining fatigue.Swords, AxesUnique5
BlacksmithRepair your weapon in exchange for dealing less damage.AxeLegendary5
BleedMake your opponent bleed.AxesUltimate6
BlindA chance of causing blindness when attacking.SwordsElite3
BlockA chance to negate an attack and deal up to 4 damage back.SwordsUltimate3
Blunt ForceChance to strike with great force.AxesElite4
Bone CrusherIncreases damage dealt to Skeletons.Swords, AxesSimple3
BowmasterMultiplies damage against players who are wielding a Sword at the time they are hit.Bow, Crossbow, TridentElite5
Carrot PlanterPlant carrots in a 3x3 area by shift+right-clicking.HoesSimple3
ChaosDeal weakness and wither effects.TridentLegendary5
ChunkyChance to receive less damage.ChestplatesLegendary6
CleaveDamages players within a radius that increases with the level of enchant.AxesUltimate7
ConfuseChance to give nausea effect.SwordsUltimate4
ConvulseChance to throw your attackers into the air.BootsLegendary6
Creeper ArmorChance to be immune to explosive damage, at higher levels you have a chance to heal.ArmorUltimate3
CriticalIncrease damage done with critical hit.SwordsElite3
CurseChance to give your enemy mining fatigue.ArmorElite2
DeadshotHeadshots with tridents deal double damage.TridentLegendary5
Death PunchIncreases damage dealt to Zombies.Swords, AxesSimple5
DecapitationChance to have opponents head drop on death.Swords, AxesSimple3
DerangedStrike lightning at nearby players.SwordsLegendary3
DevourChance to restore food while killing mobs.WeaponsUnique3
DiminishChance to give your enemy mining fatigue.AxesUltimate1
DiploidChance to multiply mob drops. Costs 5 souls / activation.SwordsFabled5
DisappearChance to become invisible when low on health.ArmorUltimate4
DisarmChance to disarm opponent.SwordsFabled3
DisarmorChance of unequipping random armor piece from your opponent.SwordLegendary8
DisintegrateChance to deal extra durability damage to all enemy armor with every attack.SwordsUltimate4
DistanceChance to distance yourself from your enemies and gain regeneration.WeaponsUltimate4
DivertChance of poisoning opponent and gaining regeneration.ArmorLegendary5
DodgeChance to dodge physical enemy, chance increases when sneaking.ArmorUltimate5
Double StrikeA chance to strike twice.SwordsLegendary3
Ender SlayerIncreases damage dealt to Enderman and Ender dragons.WeaponsElite5
EndmasterDouble damage to mobs in End.SwordsUltimate3
EpicnessDisplay particles on attack.SwordsSimple3
ExaltedA chance of removing bad potion effects.SwordsUltimate4
ExperienceChance to get more experience from ores.ToolsSimple5
ExplosiveChance for arrows to explode.BowUnique5
Explosive DemiseSummon creepers as your guards when near death.LeggingsUnique8
ExtinguishChance to extinguish yourself when on fire.LeggingsElite3
FamineA chance to give your opponent the hunger effect.WeaponsUnique4
FeatherweightChance to get a burst of haste.Swords, AxesUnique3
ForcefieldChance to push away your opponent.SwordsSimple5
FrenzyChance for arrows to explode.CrossbowUnique5
FrozenCan cause slowness to attacker when defending.ArmorElite3
FuddleDisorganize opponent's hotbar.SwordsUltimate3
FumbleChance to explode enemy when hit by their arrows.ChestplateLegendary3
GearsAdded speed when equipped.BootsLegendary3
GlowingGives permanent night vision.HelmetSimple1
GreatswordMultiplies damage against players who are wielding a Bow at the time they are hit.SwordElite5
GuardiansA chance to spawn iron golems to assist you and watch over you.ArmorUltimate10
HardenedChance to recover durability when damaged by players.ArmorLegendary3
HasteAllows you to swing your tools faster.ToolsFabled3
HastenChance to gain Haste after breaking blocks.ToolsSimple3
HeavyDecreases damage from enemy bows by 2% per level.ArmorUltimate5
HellfireArrows turn into fireballs.BowUltimate5
HookGet more exp from fishing.Fishing RodElite3
HookChance to increase luck while fishing.Fishing RodUltimate3
HunterIncreases damage dealt to Passive Mobs.Bow, Crossbow, TridentUnique4
Ice AspectA chance of causing the slowness effect on your enemy.SwordsUltimate3
ImmolateIncreases damage dealt to Spiders.Swords, AxesElite3
ImmolationSet all mobs in radius on fire.SwordsUltimate3
ImmortalChance to prevents your armor from taking durability damage.ArmorFabled4
ImpactChance to double dealt damage.TridentElite4
ImplantsChance to restore food every few seconds.HelmetsUltimate3
InfernalExplosive fire effect.Swords, AxesElite3
InflameSet all players in radius on fire.AxesLegendary3
InquisitiveChance to increase EXP drops from mobs.SwordsLegendary4
InterruptChance to give your enemy mining fatigue.SwordsUltimate2
Jelly LegsChance to negate fall damage.BootsUltimate3
JudgementChance of poisoning opponent and gaining regeneration.ElytraLegendary5
Kill AuraChance to kill multiple\nmonsters in radius.SwordsLegendary5
LaunchLaunch yourself by right-clicking.SwordsLegendary3
Lava WalkerWalk on Lava.BootsLegendary1
LifestealA chance to steal health when attacking.SwordsLegendary5
LongbowGreatly increases damage dealt to enemy players that have a bow in their hands.BowUltimate4
LucidChance to cure blindness and gain night vision when hit.ArmorLegendary3
MagnetYour attack pulls players towards you.SwordsElite3
MarksmanIncreases damage dealt with Crossbows.CrossbowElite4
MissileArrows turn into fireballs.CrossbowElite5
MoltenChance of setting your attacker ablaze.ArmorUnique4
MomentumChance to gain speed boost with fireworks.ElytraElite3
MultiplicationChance to multiply ore drops. Costs 5 souls / activation.PickaxeFabled5
Nether SlayerIncreases damage dealt to nether mobs.WeaponsElite5
NetherlingDouble damage to mobs in Nether.SwordsUltimate3
NeutralizeChance to disarm opponent.Bow, CrossbowFabled2
Night OwlDeal more damage to mobs at night.SwordsUltimate1
NightwalkerFreeze mobs at night.SwordsElite3
NulifyChance to reflect attack and multiply damage. Costs 40 souls / activation.LeggingsFabled3
ObsidianshieldGives permanent fire resistance.ArmorUltimate1
OverloadUnlocks additional hearts.ArmorLegendary3
ParalyzeGives lightning effect and a chance for slowness and slow swinging.Swords, AxesElite4
PatchChance to recover durability when damaged by mobs.ArmorLegendary3
PerishA chance to give the wither effect.Bow, Crossbow, TridentUnique5
PermafrostChance slow and bleed opponents.SwordsUltimate5
PhoenixChance to revive yourself when killed.ChestplatesFabled3
PiercingInflicts more damage.BowsUltimate5
PlanterPlant seeds in a 3x3 area by shift+right-clicking.HoesUltimate3
PlummetDeal damage to nearby mobs when taking fall damage.BootsUltimate3
PoisonA chance of giving poison effect.Swords, AxesElite3
PoisonedChance to give poison to your attacker.ArmorElite4
PoseidonIncreases damage dealt with Tridents.TridentElite4
Potato PlanterPlant potatoes in a 3x3 area by shift+right-clicking.HoesSimple3
RagdollChance to be pushed back when getting hit.ArmorUltimate4
RavenousChance to regain hunger while fighting.Swords, AxesUnique4
ReaperA chance to give your opponent the Wither and Blindness effects while dealing damageAxeElite4
ReboundGain some health back after kills.WeaponsLegendary3
RebreatherChance to regain air when mining under water.PickaxeSimple2
ReflectAbsorb enemy damage and reflect it back.ArmorUnique5
ReforgedProtects weapons and tools durability, items will be take longer to break.Weapons and toolsElite10
ReinforcedReduces damage dealt to you.ElytraUltimate4
ReplenishChance to restore food while mining.PickaxesElite3
RestoreUpon breaking, item has a chance to lose this enchantment and repair half of its durability.ToolsFabled4
Rocket EscapeBlast off into the air at low HP.BootsElite3
RushChance of speed boost when taking off with elytra. Costs 10 souls / activation.ElytraFabled3
SafeguardChance to gain Damage Resistance when defending.ArmorUltimate2
ScareChance to replace your opponents helmet\nto a pumpkin for a short time.WeaponsFabled5
ShatterChance to deal extra durability damage to all enemy armor with every attack.AxesUltimate4
ShockwaveChance to push back your attacker when your health is low.ChestplatesElite5
SlayerIncreases damage dealt to Passive Mobs.Swords, AxesUnique4
SlingshotBoost yourself into flight by right-clicking.ElytraLegendary3
SmeltingChance to smelt mined blocks.PickaxesSimple3
Smoke BombWhen you are near death, you will spawn a smoke bomb to distract your enemies.HelmetElite8
SnapPull hit entity towards you.Fishing RodElite3
SnareChance to slow and fatigue enemies with projectiles.BowsElite4
SniperHeadshots with bows deal double damage.BowUltimate5
SoulboundA chance to keep item on death.Weapons + Tools + BowsFabled3
SoulgrindChance to get souls by killing mobs.SwordsFabled3
SoullessIncreases damage dealt to Hostile Mobs.Bow, Crossbow, TridentUnique4
SoulminerChance to get souls by mining.PickaxeFabled3
SparkLight opponents on fire.TridentElite3
SpiritmasterChance to get more souls from killing players.SwordsFabled3
SpiritsChance to spawn guard blazes.ArmorUltimate10
SpringsGives jump boost.BootsElite3
StrifeIncreases Trident melee damage.TridentLegendary3
StrikeChance to strike lightning at the opponent.Swords, Bow, Crossbow, TridentSimple3
StrikerRain arrows over opponent.BowUltimate3
SuspendChance to cause no knockback to mobs.SwordsElite3
SwordsmanChance to reduces incoming damage while wielding a sword by up to 22% at max level.ArmorUltimate5
TankChance to decreases damage from enemy axes by 2% per level.ArmorUltimate4
TelepathyAutomatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory.ToolsUnique4
ThunderlordStrike monsters with lightning every 3 consecutive hits.WeaponsLegendary3
TimberChance to break a tree in one hitAxesUltimate3
TrenchChance to break in 3x3 area.Pickaxes, ShovelsUltimate9
TricksterWhen hit you have a chance to teleport directly behind you opponent.ArmorElite8
TurmoilChance to prevent opponents guards from spawning.ArmorLegendary3
TwingeMake your enemy bleed, if hit using melee attack.TridentLegendary4
UnbreakableTools with this enchant become unbreakableToolsFabled1
Undead RuseWhen hit you have a chance to spawn zombie hordes to distract and disorient your opponents.BootsElite10
UnholyDefend with weakness and wither effects.ArmorLegendary5
VampireA chance to heal you for up to 3hp a few seconds after you strike.SwordsElite3
Vein MinerMine entire vein of oresPickaxesElite3
VirusA chance of giving poison effect.Bow, Crossbow, TridentUnique3
VoodooGives a chance to deal weakness.ArmorElite6
WardA chance to absorb enemy damageArmorUnique4
Water WalkerWalk on Water.BootsLegendary1
A chance to give the wither effect.