A Whole New World!

A Whole New World -  MC1.17 Update

As you may be aware the latest Minecraft 1.17 update revamps the Minecraft world. New chunks in the current Survival world will generate these new 1.17 changes so feel free to explore after the update. We are however going beyond this by adding our own custom world generator that will create new biomes, caves, dungeons and even a new Nether for Survival!  

Following this latest release, we are working tirelessly in the background on preparing the new and improved world and features this will entail. As soon as this is ready we will be excitingly announcing the changes and the steps required to migrate over to this incredible new world.

You can however prepare for these changes by reading on the processes we will take and require you to do to migrate!

When we are ready and have announced the new world is ready you will be free to explore this extraordinary new world. This will include a random teleport system to locate new areas quickly.

Once you have located a new location you like, you have a few options:

  • Start clean and experience this world fresh with no previous items.
  • Pack up your items and move your items across yourself (as world items will be linked).
  • Request a transfer by one of our trained staff members by raising a #base-transfer in our Discord:


If you would like a base transfer, please ensure you follow the below steps:

  • There is no maximum size for your old base but it needs to be reasonable. The bigger the base the longer it takes to copy so preferably nothing more than 100x100 blocks. If the build is too large we may ask you to put some items in chests. You can prepare this now by reducing the size of your base and gathering items from remote locations.
  • Place lose items that don't copy well into chests e.g. paintings and item frames.
  • Locate an area in the new world with where you want to live (ensure this location is suitable for a paste of your current base)
  • Set a home here with (/sethome transfer) so we can quickly access this location.
  • Raise a transfer request in Discord under #base-transfer.
  • Inform staff in your dedicated channel that you are ready to move and confirm the home name your current base is located that you want to be transferred (The name when you do /home <location>).
  • As soon as a staff member is available, they will contact you and prepare you for this transfer.  Please note the process can take some time to prevent any server performance issues and everything migrates smoothly. We can’t guarantee everything will copy exact but we transfer you as best as possible.  
  • That's then it - you can enjoy the brand new Sparkie survival world! The old survival world will be open for a short time after while we migrate everyone so you can go back here and collect any lose items/builds you may have missed. Once ready we will then announce the shutdown on the old world so we can focus and ensure the performance of the server is optimal for the new Survival world.

Have any further questions? Raise a request in #tickets on our Discord

Sneak peek of what you will be able to explore soon...